Santiago Spiritual Forum for Peace CC Creates a Communication Network

13 June 2018
Santiago Spiritual Forum for Peace CC Creates a Communication Network

The Community of Reflection and Ecological Spirituality (CREE) is a response to the need to meet, know, reflect, share and grow together in a holistic spirituality.

The CREE is a group of people from different countries of Latin America that we have convened through a chat by WhatsApp for that purpose. It is made up of 50 people of different beliefs, different professions, and different nationalities. In this group, we enjoy the participation of many people, including Catholics, Evangelicals, people of the Bahá'í Faith, agnostics, atheists, and Gnostics. It is an intercultural, interreligious, interdisciplinary and international group.

Through this space, members share reflections, photos, videos and links, which help in the formation and knowledge of each other’s different knowledge and spiritualities. Through this means, we encourage respect and tolerance for other ways of believing and thinking.

It is a space that promotes inclusion and diversity. We especially strongly feel our connection to URI and we give thanks for the welcome that the Regional Coordinator Enoe Texier has given us. We believe that this virtual connection is a new way of forming URI Cooperation Circles.

One of the purposes we have decided upon is to hold a meeting in Quito, Ecuador, at the end of the year, to get to know each other and to share our different experiences. We have chosen this city because of the centrality and the facilities it provides to the diverse people that would come from all over Latin America. Our motto is: BELIEVE; CREATE AND GROW. Everyone is welcome. If you want to be part of this group you can contact me on mobile: + 593-983363394 or email: [email protected].


Víctor Rey