Interfaith in Arizona: Two Organizations that Complement and Collaborate

13 July 2018
AFN and AZIFM record a radio show

Have you ever wondered about the difference between Arizona Faith Network (AFN) and Arizona Interfaith Movement (AzIFM), or more importantly, how we complement each others’ work? Take a listen to the podcast from THE PHOENIX FILE to find out:


Guests Jannah Scott, Interim Executive Director of the Arizona Faith Network, and Larry Fultz, Director of the Arizona Interfaith Movement, represent two organizations comprised of people of faith uniting to create meaningful relationships and dialogue rooted in diverse faith traditions to bring about actions that influence public awareness, engagement and policy.

Arizona Faith Network and Arizona Interfaith Movement are identified as the Arizona Cooperation Circle with one of our international affiliates, United Religions Initiative
( Since December 2017, AFN and AzIFM have worked together on many efforts, including:

  • Dr. King Interfaith Prayer Breakfast Interfaith Engagement
  • Interfaith “Praying in the New Year” on the Southwest Prostate Cancer Center radio show with AFN partner Fred Taylor
  • Prayer Vigil in response to the Sutherland Springs shooting
  • Interfaith Festival of Love and Light
  • Strategy and Forum Response to the Chandler Unified School District (San Tan Jr. High) Race Relations Incident
  • World Religions Day
  • AzIFM Annual Banquet Interfaith Prayer
  • AFN Annual Meeting Opening Offerings of Interfaith Prayer
  • Silent March to End Gun Violence: Interfaith Speakers
  • Religious Pluralism Events with Mesa Community College, Temple University and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Institute of Religion

AzIFM partners from Muslim, Buddhist and Baha’i traditions serve on AFN’s TDC and Next Steps, and two AFN Board members serve on AzIFM’s Leadership Council as Faith Representatives. We are in many efforts together, yet we each have a uniquely important role in engaging faith traditions across this great state!

AFN and AzIFM collaborate on a Silent March
AFN and AzIFM radio show