Commemorating Mandela

2 August 2018
Ciro Gabriel Avruj

By Adriana Reyes

July 18 is a day to remember and commemorate in Argentina. There have been 24 years of impunity in the face of the AMIA bombing, the biggest act of international terrorism in the history of the country, for which justice is still demanded.

July 18 also commemorates 100 years of the birth of Nelson Mandela, one of the most recognized spiritual leaders that has helped human society. His example of humility, strength, resilience and equanimity is a source of inspiration for all. In his honor, this date is known as the "Mandela Day," a day for the service and the realization of constructive actions.

Within the framework of this celebration, our former Global Trustee, Ciro Gabriel Avruj, representative of the United Missions Cooperation Circle, participated in the commemoration of this day in the city of Buenos Aires, reminding us of resilience as a way of reinventing ourselves before adversity.