EcoPeace Middle East Honored with Stanford Bright Environmental Award

27 August 2018

The Stanford Bright Award, Stanford University's top environmental award, will be presented to URI Cooperation Circle EcoPeace Middle East on October 4, 2018.

The Bright Award, created by conservationist Raymond E. Bright Jr., recognizes important contributions to sustainability around the world and provides an international platform to showcase smart environmental solutions. It honors the work that EcoPeace Middle East has done to rehabilitate the historic Jordan river.

"Congratulations to Gidon Bromberg and Munqeth Mehyar and all the hard working team that does such effective environmental peace building between Jordanians, Israelis and Palestinians," said URI member Elana Rozenman. "Wonderful to see this well-deserved award going to a URI Middle East and North Africa region Cooperation Circle!"

Read more about the award and EcoPeace Middle East in the Stanford News article.