Sacred Activism: Environmental Justice and Human Rights

2 January 2019
Sacred Activism: Environmental Justice and Human Rights

Peace Sunday, sponsored by Unity & Diversity World Council, along with One Global Family Foundation, Interfaith Communities United for Peace & Justice, IMAN Cultural Center and other co-sponsors, is a spiritual call to action, empowering us to build a peaceful and sustainable future.

The 2018 theme “Sacred Activism: Environmental Justice and Human Rights” challenges us, in these increasingly turbulent times, to speak up, stand up, and actualize our most sacred values in our individual lives, our families, communities, nations, and world.

Our event speaks to how our sacred activism can powerfully address the injustices being done to our planet in this age of climate change, as well as the injustices suffered by the most vulnerable members of our human family as a result of both political and economic policies.

Peace Sunday features inspiring speakers, music, displays of non-profit organizations, and serves as a day of collaborative participation toward creating a more just and peaceful world. Peace Sunday includes a morning interfaith service with prayers, chanting, ceremony and a Quranic recitation, a “Justice Luncheon” co-sponsored by Interfaith Communities United for Justice and Peace, and the main afternoon stage program which features keynote speakers, music, multimedia, and ceremony.


Sacred Activism is reaching within ourselves to our deepest connectivity to spirit, and actualizing that spirit into reality through service to humanity and the planet. Sacred Activism has always found its expression through a grassroots movement of the people, enrolled in a significant consciousness shift, which has created a new paradigm. It begins with the advent of a new idea, a social need to have that idea be fulfilled, and the timing and historical circumstance to propel it into a transformative reality.

Sacred Activism begins within ourselves, is based in non-violence, and extends through service that entails activism. Activism calls us to use our voice and propel that voice into social action. If we just stand by without speaking out, without participating actively in a cause we believe in, we can become complicit in the perpetration of the unconscionable. In activism, we bear witness to what is going on, observe and expose where a blindness, a denial, an injustice, inequity or crime has occurred, and organize, mobilize and engage in recognizing the dilemma, bringing accountability, offering non-violent alternatives, and in creating a sustainable solution.

The activism must get in the way to disrupt the perceived injustice and corruption, and devise a strategy on how to raise public awareness in identifying the change that’s needed, and present viable ways to impact policy. No one individual can tackle all the issues of the world, but we know we are not alone.  In these times, the voices of progressive, sacred activism has never been more needed in the call to use our voice, our vote, our organizing, our petitioning, our protest, our non-violent civil disobedience, our marching and our sacred activism to serve the calling of our conscience.