URI Peacebuilders in the News

10 January 2019
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Father James Channan OP, URI Regional Coordinator in Pakistan, sends this article from Paris, France on the important interfaith and peace work which Maulana Abdul Khabir Azad, Grand Imam Of the Badshahi Mosque and he are doing in Pakistan. Maulana Khabir is the URI leader and former URI Global Trustee from Asia. This article was published on 8 January, 2019.

[Translated excerpt] Like his father before him, Imam Maulana Syed Abdul Qadir Azad has been at the head of this prestigious institution [the Lahore Mosque] for 22 years. He has also inherited his sense of interreligious dialogue. "My father was one of the initiators of the movement for the harmony between the religions in Pakistan," explains the man with the beard and the smiling face. "I have dedicated my life to promoting peace." With him in this improbable night tour is James Channan, a great promoter on the Catholic side of interreligious dialogue.

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