URI Calls for Peace, Justice, Healing and Accountability in the Face of the New Zealand Mosques Massacre

16 March 2019

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

As the world receives the terrible news of the shootings at Mosques in New Zealand, once again we are confronted with the disease of prejudice and hatred that infects societies across the globe resulting in horrific violence being perpetrated on members of our human family.

Our prayers and love go out to all affected by this tragedy. We pray for those whose lives are lost. We pray with those impacted by this violence. URI Cooperation Circles and the Interfaith community in New Zealand are strong and steadfast in their commitment to peace, justice and healing standing together for unity in the face of division.

The URI global community stands with the Islamic community of New Zealand in their grief and pain. And we stand with people of all beliefs in New Zealand and around the world in condemning these acts of hate and also holding responsible those leaders in all countries whose divisive and dehumanizing rhetoric creates a climate which condones and encourages prejudice and hate. This rhetoric manifests in many destructive shapes including, in this case, white supremacy and Islamophobia, as well as all other fear-based diseases that infect our world.

In this moment of heart-break, may our hearts break open releasing the power of our love, connecting us to one another in unbreakable bonds of relationship and enabling us to build and rebuild communities which are ultimately made stronger by the beauty of our diversity.

Today we are filled with grief, and also with determination that every day we will do all we can do so that peace, justice and healing may prevail in New Zealand and throughout our world.

Kiran Bali and Victor Kazanjian signatures