URI Cooperation Circles Celebrated at the G20 Interfaith Forum in Tokyo

18 June 2019
 G20 Interfaith Forum in Tokyo

Along the theme of  “People, Peace, Planet: Pathways Forward,” the impactful action of  URI Cooperation Circles was shared with the G20 Interfaith Forum. Working in the sectors of Human Rights, Environmental Justice, Health, Compassion, Peacebuilding, and many other areas, the role of faith communities in implementing policy is essential. 

The G20 Interfaith Forum offers an annual platform where a network of religiously-linked institutions and initiatives engage on global agendas, including the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and contribute meaningful insight and recommendations.

    G20 Interfaith Forum in Tokyo

    Objectives of the G20 Interfaith Forum include:

    1. Exploring the links between economic development and religious freedom through informed, scholarly discussion.
    2. Facilitating constructive dialogue between societal leaders in faith, government, business, media, education, and other social institutions on how interfaith resources can enhance social, economic, and cultural policies and programs for the well-being of all.
    3. Fostering communication channels between the different faiths and sharing ideas, experiences, and “best practices” in building peace and harmony.
    4. Discovering and affirming common values, virtues, and principles among diverse faith and philosophic traditions.

    URI presented three recommendations to the Forum:

    1. Promote better mental health and overall health in countries through introducing spirituality into clinical practice through partnerships with Faith-Based Organisations who are implementing important pastoral care.
    2. Declare a Climate Emergency in their respective countries and cities, followed up by an action plan which includes the contributions of faith communities.
    3. Educate at a primary school level on sustainable living towards tackling poverty, climate change, and violence. Empower faith communities as leading enablers of this work through capacity-building.
     G20 Interfaith Forum in Tokyo