Talk On the Importance of Connectivity in Buenos Aires

18 March 2020
Unit Awareness Talk in Buenos Aires

Ciro Gabriel Avruj delivering the speech.

Ciro Gabriel Avruj, a member of the Misiones Unidas CC (United Missions Cooperation Circle, a URI member group), delivered a Unit Awareness talk in Buenos Aires, Argentina on March 6, 2020. It was attended by a large group of attendees who were interested in knowing about spiritual leadership and the change of consciousness for unity.

Ciro Gabriel Avruj said, “The cause of all the apparent evils of the world is the belief that we are separated from each other. There is a separation between human beings, the different kingdoms of nature, and even God. It is essential to start thinking differently, to be aware that everything is related and interconnected. In other words, any action we take will have an impact on the whole, and if we want a different result, we must analyze what our deepest beliefs are and begin to act from a different paradigm. Therefore, the world will be in accordance with our beliefs.”

These talks are meeting and transformation spaces for all participants.

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