An Open Letter to the People of Mexico

6 April 2020
An Open Letter to the People of Mexico

A photo from before the COVID-19 pandemic and necessary social distancing.

Consejo Interreligioso de México / Mexican Interfaith Council, a URI member group, shares "An open letter to the people of Mexico." See their Facebook post.

April 6, 2020, Mexico City

Dear people of Mexico,

The Interreligious Council of Mexico (CIM) is aware of the serious difficulties faced by millions of people in Mexico due to loss of jobs and livelihood. For those without stable income, life is a daily struggle for survival. We call for this a sincere call to all interested in helping while recognizing efforts by supporting the most vulnerable members of our communities. Faced with threats to health and well-being, it is natural to feel anxiety and fear. We are facing an atrocious pandemic and everyone does their best to move forward responding to the crisis that COVID-19 presents to the international community.

However, no matter how difficult the situation is, we can stay focused on trust in the Supreme, the unique divinity who recognize and worship the devotees and practitions of the various sacred traditions. We can now expand with the strength of committed love and solidarity instead of narrowing ourselves with fear.

The different prophetic lineages of humanity in the East and West encourage us to rise when the difficulty knocks on our door, to access the comfort and strength available in the spiritual teachings that have bequeathed to us.

The strength to face the challenges that touch us as human beings is in the connection with the Source of Life, present in every form of consciousness. "With every difficulty comes ease," the sacred scriptures tell us. And the mystics of Traditions confess in their dialogue with God, "I love the ways you test me.'' Those who trust in the Divine Power - which is Who creates, nourishes and sustains all forms of life - can rest in that trust. There we find peace and security to navigate uncertain and difficult waters. Only in consenting connection with God can we go through the pain involved in this test. On the other hand, this crisis inevitably leads us to a new space as humanity, to start a global reflection on the way forward.

From faith in the Living Truth, we take refuge in Who has always taken us safely to every future-whatever name we call Him in every Tradition. The crisis shows us that we don't really separate essential borders, we are truly one as humanity. From that consciousness of transcendent unity, the Interreligious Council of Mexico (CIM) solidarity with the medical body of Mexico, with the nurses and nurses and with everyone who participates in the direct response to the dramatic crisis of COVID-19 for stand up for the protection of the health and life of the population.

Our religious communities will be at the service of the most needy in this transit, offering what is in our best readiness to encourage, contain and support the processes that accompany this crisis.

In love and peace of the human,