Labor Day Online Festival with Moreno Overá

3 May 2020
Photo: Online festival flyer

In the May 1st, the Labor Day, Moreno Overá brings a repertoire with songs that honor and value the date, enjoying the chance to talk about the whys that the date is so important internationally.

In its special musical menu, beyond his own compositions, Moreno, sings Geraldo Vandré, Tarancón, Gilberto Gil, Zé Ramalho e Almir Sater, jowel songs connected with the holiday theme.

The event is important because it happens while we are living at a pandemic where millions of workers are living social isolation, it’s important to note, that, after this period that we are living pass, we will have to be sure, inside us, which kind of society we will build, which kind of labor relations we will settle down our human values e higher principles.



Photo: flyer with all festival information