Gifts of Handmade Face Masks Bridge Language Barriers

30 May 2020
Gifts of Handmade Face Masks Bridge Language Barriers

See more photos in the original Instagram post.

Wedo Global, a URI Multiregion member group in Hong Kong, provided face masks to the Nepalese "aunties and grannies" in their community to show their appreciation and encouragement.

"We thank them for cleaning different corners in Hong Kong, especially during this difficult period. We know that there is a lot of work pressure and burden due to the impact of the epidemic. We would like to express our gratitude!" members write (translated into English).

The face masks are "WE MASK Covers," which are hand-made with care by the "sewing ambassador" members of the group. "Although there was a language barrier...they overflowed with gratitude. They were so happy, to the point where they smiled so wide that we couldn't even see their eyes! At the end, they gave all the volunteer friends some fruits, wishing us all safe and healthy."

See more details in the Instagram post, where members wish "that Hong Kong, together with the rest of the world, would be safe and healthy."