Distributing Food Hampers in South Africa

13 July 2020
Photo: group of people gather for a photo

Parliament of the People Cooperation Circle (CC) is a URI member group in Schaumburg, South Africa that has been distributing food hampers and delivering them door to door to families in the Skeerpoort/Hekpoort Valley, including Schaumburg, who are struggling for food. 

A member of Parliament of the People CC, Viv Law (née Laverge), stated that they “have partnered with the local store SPAR, to provide substantial family hampers made up of 10kg Mealie meal, 2 kg Rice, 2kg Sugar, 2 kg Cremona, 100 tea bags, 2 liters cooking oil, 2 tins baked beans." 

“So far we have been able to distribute 78 large food hampers, and more and more donations are coming in to support the community.” - Viv Law

Click the yellow arrows to scroll through the photos in the slideshow below. 

Photo: residents receive food hampers
Photo: group gathers with food hampers
Photo: three people gather for a photo
Photo: two people distributing food hampers
Photo: food hampers loaded on a truck

Following the Parliament of the People’s value for interconnectedness and strong work ethic, their purpose focuses on the core elements of peacebuilding conciliation and education. With these values, they strive to progressively move forward and impact other focus areas of South African Society. Interfaith cooperation has been a tool used by the leaders of this CC to invoke care and compassion and to find common ground in praying for and working in unity for the common good.