Providing Resources in Response to the Food Security Crisis

13 July 2020
Photo: group of people hold hands

Unite and Share For Peace & Prosperity (USPP) is a Cooperation Circle (CC) in South Africa that uplifts communities, particularly the youth, and provides opportunities with a purpose “to unite, share and build our rainbow nation together.”

In response to the food security crisis created as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown, USPP and URI communities are working together to provide families with food parcels and protective masks each week. 

USPP CC members, led by Nazly Mayet, have handed out hundreds of food parcels to distressed families in and around Johannesburg in impoverished communities. The incredible generosity of her membership and network is helping many families keep nutritious food in their homes. With gratitude to The Almighty for all these blessings and more to come.

Click the yellow arrows to scroll through the photos in the slideshow below. 

Photo: display of food hampers
Photo: display of food and supply donations
Photo: display of food donations
Photo: group of people join hands
Photo: display of bags containing resources