31 July 2020, 8:48 AM
Photo: URI participants at the screen

On Wednesday, July 29, 2020, a THANKSGIVING meeting for the 20 years of URI's existence was held via zoom.

This celebration was organized by the Regional Coordination and was attended by 79 participants. Members of the 59 CCs that make up the URI Latin America family attended, members of the Global Office: and other brothers who have been part of this path of interreligious and intercultural dialogue, who set aside a space in their daily agendas to celebrate and honor the work of the heart of URI which are the Circles of Cooperation.

The celebration began with the projection of a video with the initial blessing by the sisters Camila, Marcela and Paula Ontiveros De Armas, granddaughters of Coromoto Texier, member of the CC Para El Diálogo de Caracas and Emma Rosa Civila Gamez, granddaughter of our Regional Coordinator, Dra Enoé Texier.

Subsequently, the RC gave some opening remarks and the URI historical video was shown that summarizes the path of creation and work of the CCs and all those who have been architects of the intercultural and inter-religious network in the region.

There was an intervention by the Global Councilors: Salette Aquino, Sofía Painiqueo and David Limo who are about to leave the Council and thanked URI for the work done.

Next, Certificates of Recognition were delivered to the special guests:

1. Bishop William E. Swing

2. Rev. Victor H. Kazanjian

3. Sally Mahe

4. Alice Swett

5. Abraham Karickam

6. Father James Channan

7. Mussie Hailu

8. Monica Willard

9. María Eugenia Crespo

10. Rev. Charles Gibbs

11. Isabelle Ortega-Lockwood

12. Pamela H. Banks

13. Yoland Treviño

14. Kiran Bali

15. Andre Porto


Former Global Directors from the year 2000 to the present, 2020:


1. Rosalía Gutierrez

2. Gerardo Gonzalez

3. Jonathan Rose

4. Rev Elias Andrade Pinto

5. Raúl Mamani

6. Susana Reich

7. Ciro Gabriel Avruj

8. Genivalda Cravo

9. Alejandrino Quispe

10. Salette Aquino

11. Sofía Painiqueo

12. David Limo


Free space was provided for special guests and CC members to express a few words. Then a video of the youth of the region was projected and finally a closing ceremony was held by our Global Counselor, Sofía Painiqueo, who sang a healing song, in the Mapuche language with her daughter who played her typical instruments.

This is how the Latin American region celebrated the URI anniversary and honored the dream and inspiring man of this beautiful family, Bishop Willian Swing and all the wonderful people who have made and make unity in diversity possible.


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Photo: Zoom screen with the celebration participants
Photo: Zoom screen with the celebration participants