URI-Africa Signs Partnership Agreement with Peace and Development Center

2 September 2020
URI-Africa Signs Partnership Agreement with Peace and Development Center


September 2, 2020

PDC and URI-Africa signed a partnership agreement to promote peace and counter violent extremism in the Horn of Africa.

Taking into consideration the need to establish a network and platform for religious and traditional leaders in the horn of Africa to work together, along with their respective governments and with the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD)  secretariat, to counter violent extremism and radicalization, to resolve cross-border conflicts, to enhance interreligious cooperation and inter-cultural harmony, and to support the effort of IGAD in fighting desertification, preserving the environment,  promoting a culture of peace, and supporting regional integration and cultural exchange program among the people in the Horn of Africa, Peace and Development Center (PDC) and the United Religions Initiative (URI) - Africa signed a partnership agreement to work together toward this goal.

The agreement was signed in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia by Mr. Ayten Anemaw Birhanie, Executive Director of PDC, and Ambassador Mussie Hailu, Regional Director of URI - Africa & Representative of URI to the African Union and the UN.

The agreement is also to foster the working partnership between the two organizations on the following issues:  

  • To collaborate and maintain a close and continuing working partnership in the effort of promoting interfaith harmony, peace education, non-violence, mediation, reconciliation, and conflict resolution in the Horn of Africa.
  • To popularize and promote the aim of Agenda 2063 in silencing the guns in the horn of Africa. 
  • To counter hate speech, xenophobia, and terrorism in the region.
  • To combat prejudice, intolerance, and stereotyping on the basis of religion, ethnicity, and culture.
  • To promote constructive dialogue, trust, understanding, mutual respect, non-violence, compassion, human dignity, and a culture of peace among followers of different religions, cultures, and ethnic groups in the IGAD region through the teaching of the Golden Rule, which says, “Treat others the way you want to be treated.” The Golden Rule is affirmed in many religions, traditions, Indigenous cultures, and secular philosophies as a fundamental principle of life and morals. It is also the foundation upon which the global ethic is founded, and it addresses critical issues such as democracy, human rights, respect for one another, gender equity, social justice, and inter-religious and inter-cultural harmony.
  • To jointly organize workshops, meetings, and seminars, and to develop and implement projects in the region on the issues of peace, interfaith, human dignity, democracy, and environmental protection, and other relevant issues.
URI-Africa Signs Partnership Agreement with Peace and Development Center

About PDC

PDC is not-for-profit and civil society established in 1991. Since its inception, it has been working in conflict prevention, conflict resolution, peacebuilding, and development in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa.

PDC envisions the Horn of Africa where justice and peace prevails.

The mission of PDC is to advocate a culture of peace and development through proactive grassroots participation by fostering customary and modern conflict resolution mechanisms in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa.

About URI-Africa

The purpose of URI is to promote enduring, daily interfaith cooperation, to end religiously-motivated violence, and to create cultures of peace, justice, and healing for the Earth and all living beings. URI has NGO consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the UN. URI is also an affiliate member of the Department of Global Communications of the United Nations, previously known as the Department of Public Information (DPI).

URI is a bridge-building organization and it respects the uniqueness of each tradition and differences of practice and belief. URI strongly value voices that respect others and believe that sharing our values and wisdom can lead us to act for the good of all.

URI has 234 member organizations in 32 African countries. URI-Africa is located in Nairobi, Kenya, with sub-regional offices based in: Uganda, covering the Great Lakes Region; Djibouti, covering the Horn of Africa; Nigeria, covering the West Africa Region; and South Africa, covering the Southern Africa region.

URI-Africa signed an agreement and is currently working in partnership with: African Union, IGAD, UNFP regional office for Africa, UNEP-Africa office, African Media Initiative, and many other regional, international, inter-governmental, and non- governmental organizations. 

May Peace Prevail on Earth.