Children for Education

18 February 2021
Photo: Children posing for the photo

On February 10, the teacher Maria Oliva, first contact of the CC Tao Judio de Verdade, visited the children of the Ezuza Settlement to distribute school supplies to the children, starting the school year 2021. When the teacher saw that the children were organizing themselves to get the classes, they had renovated a small room in the place where they live and were helping the younger children to study, helping with their homework. The situation in the Settlement is very harsh, the government hardly provides the necessary conditions to strengthen education in the region, making the process more bureaucratic than it should be. However, the teacher Maria Oliva is trying to bring the information necessary for a school to be opened, both for children and adults.

Photo: Teacher Maria Oliva delivering the school material to the children
Photo: Teacher Maria Oliva talking to persons
Photo: children studying at the improvised room.