Christian Delegation Discusses Minority Affairs with Senator A. Rehman Malik in Islamabad, Pakistan

23 February 2021, 10:11 AM
Christian Delegation Discusses Minority Affairs with Senator A. Rehman Malik in Islamabad, Pakistan

A delegation of Christian theologians and activists, headed by Fr. James Channan OP, Director, Peace Center & Regional Coordinator URI Pakistan, called on Senator A Rehman Malik, former interior minister and PPP senior leader at his residence yesterday and discussed minority affairs in Pakistan. (Christianity being a minority group in Pakistan.)

The delegation consoled him for the death of his sister and prayed for the departed soul. The delegation comprised Fr. James Channan OP, former Adviser to Pope John Paul II, Gibran Masih Gill, Fr. Tufique Younis OP, Assistant Director, Peace Center and Mr. Asher Nazir, Executive Secretary, URI Pakistan. Senator A Rehman Malik urged that people from all religious faiths should work harder for the promotion of inter-faith harmony, as India is spreading propaganda against Pakistan for minority persecution.

He said that there is no religious discrimination in Pakistan, as people of all faiths had the freedom in teaching, practicing, worshipping and celebrating their faiths and festivals. He said that the Indian propaganda against Pakistan for religious discrimination must stop, as “under the flag of Pakistan we all (faiths) are one and united.” 

He said that Christians had played a fundamental role in the making of Pakistan and have rendered exemplary services and sacrifices for the country’s betterment. He applauded the services of Fr. James Channan, O.P. and said that he has been defending and advocating the interest of Pakistan to negate the Indian malicious propaganda against Pakistan. He said that Fr. James has played the role of a bridge between the government and Christian community while working with Shehbaz Bhatti, who sacrificed his life while fighting against terrorism.  Fr. James Channan, O.P. showed his resolve to continue his work for Pakistan, especially in projecting its soft image across the world, adding that India is the worst religious freedom violator where minorities are being victimized on daily basis.  

Senator A. Rehman Malik assured his entire support to promote interfaith harmony and protect the rights of minorities in Pakistan.

Pakistan Christian Delegation
Pakistan Christian Delegation
Pakistan Christian Delegation
Pakistan Christian Delegation

Senator Rehman Malik Urges FATF President to Remove Pakistan from Grey List

Malik said that FATF should revisit its earlier decisions of placing Pakistan in its Grey List and in the ongoing session should declare the removal of Pakistan from the Grey List. While condemning the Indian propaganda against Pakistan, he asked under which authority India stated that Pakistan will remain in the FATF’s Grey List for the next ten years. He urged the President of FATF to take serious notice of the Indian statement of influencing FATF’s decision on Pakistan. 

He said that FATF should also take serious notice of India for terror financing and money laundering, as ISIS is rapidly spreading in India to be used against Pakistan. He appealed to the US President Joe Biden to recognize the Pakistan countless sacrifices in war on terror and withdraw its complaint in FATF against Pakistan.

Fr. James Channan, O.P. presented his books to Senator A. Rehman Malik and he also gave him a set of his books. Mr. Asher Nazir, Executive Secretary, URI Pakistan, presented the latest newsletter of URI UMANG to Senator A. Rehman Malik. The delegation thanked Senator A. Rehman Malik and said that he has always raised his voice for the rights of minorities, for which the community is grateful to him.

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Report submitted by:

Asher Nazir

Executive Secretary

URI Pakistan