Mindfulness for Children

9 March 2021
Photo: Children set for meditation

On February 26 and March 5, Marina Tirado, president of the URI member group "Para El Diálogo", carried out an activity in relation to the International Week of Peace that is normally celebrated the last week of January, but due to quarantines by the pandemic, was delayed at the facilities of the Colegio Integral el Ávila in Caracas.

The meditation practice was done with the entire elementary school on two different Fridays. It was a meditative practice of unconditional love, which has a great effect to generate compassion towards all beings and connect with benevolent love.

It began with a preliminary practice to calm the mind and awaken full consciousness of the physical, emotional and mental bodies.

Once a state of calm, openness and alertness has been reached practically (children from 7 to 12 years old), feelings of kindness can begin to be generated in their mind and heart.

To help generate these feelings of goodness, we relied on visualization, which was led by Marina, who is also the President of the Caracas Zen Buddhism Center.

The duration of the activity with each group of students was approximately one hour, it began with a short explanation, the practice of mental calm and that of benevolent love between 40 to 45 min.

They were extraordinary encounters, and a lot of interest in the children was achieved with meditation and mindfulness. 

Enjoy the photo slide show below.


Photo: children set meditating
Photo: children set meditating