Leaving A Legacy Of Love - Isabelle Ortega-Lockwood

14 April 2021
Leaving A Legacy Of Love - Isabelle Ortega-Lockwood

Something special happened in URI between 2012 and 2021. A young, single lady from Canada was hired to take URI’s communications to the next level. Mark Mancao, who had been in charge of communications, sat in on the interviews with Isabelle and was so excited that he invited her to his going away party. We all knew instantly that this was going to be a great time for URI.

She immediately got married, and later had a daughter, Amelia, and still later, had another daughter, Evie. So all of us who worked with her had a new man on campus – next door at George Lucas’- as well as two new babies in our family. “Joy” is a word that comes to mind.

Although Isabelle had formerly worked in communications in other non-profits and fully recognized familiar patterns, she realized, early on, that URI was different. As she adjusted, more and more responsibilities came her way until finally she became the Director of Global Communications and Strategic Planning . . . with occasional stops in Africa or India, on camera.

2012 quickly turned into 2021, and Isabelle sent out a notice that she and family were headed back to Canada. Reactions from all over the world poured in. Here are a few:


“For me, you were and will remain URI in person.”

“We all know how much you contributed to the growth of URI, and the whole URI movement will be forever grateful.”

“It has been an absolute honor and pleasure to work with you. You exemplify the spirit of URI.”

“We will truly miss you, your heartfelt smile, your communication skills and your kind wisdom.”

In Isabelle’s closing words of her good-bye letter, she said, “I wish each one of you and URI the very best. All my love, Isabelle.” And Isabelle . . . URI wishes you and family the very best with all our love.