Viola, Causo and Prose

27 April 2021
Photo:Flyer with the conversation informations

Viola, cause and prose is one of the many projects carried out by Moreno Overá. Here he propose a relaxed and artistic tour showing various elements of the Caipira culture: The Feast of the Divine, our viola and its arrival in brazilian lands, friendlies of the guitar player, profane folklore, the Saci: the werewolf and other legends. The history of the composer Elpídio dos Santos, the culture of peace inserted in Brazilian popular art, the Paraíba Valley and its musicality and the cultural valorization of the country man. An experience permeated by songs, causes and historical facts. The real is confused with the unreal and vice versa...

Humor, poetry, ecology and human values are the keynote of this work.

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