“You Mean More” - Mental Health Podcast in Spanish from Anytown Las Vegas

21 July 2021
Poster: Words read "Let's Discuss - Mental Health Edition"

Anytown Las Vegas is a URI Cooperation Circle based in North America, whose mission is “to establish, empower, and equip youth to be the next wave of today’s leaders through organizing, civic engagement, and leadership.” (Anytown Las Vegas website

Through a series of campaigns and programmes Anytown creates opportunities for young people to learn about racism, racial and religious prejudice, diversity, and social justice. 

Amid mental health concerns due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Anytown Las Vegas announced a digital multimedia campaign, “You Mean More.” The campaign provides informed support for youth at risk of suicide and other mental health risk factors, emphasizing the sense of self through virtual programming.

As part of this campaign, Anytown recorded a podcast, in Spanish, with guest speaker Silvia Araya, author of “Trust and Live without Panic”.  

In this podcast, Anytown Director Rico Ocampo has an in-depth conversation with Silvia Araya regarding mental health in the Latinx community. She provides a deep analysis of mental health, and what the term means to her. The conversation has several tips on how to cope with panic attacks and how to be a better support system for those that are dealing with mental health.

We invite you to listen to the podcast here: 


Screen shot of podcast on soundcloud