URI Partners with Elite Research to Assess Peacebuilding Impact

18 October 2021
Elite research logo


URI is excited to announce a new partnership with Elite Research to help assess the network’s peacebuilding impact around the world.

In an ongoing effort to build a better world, URI is studying its impact at every level. Choosing from a strong applicant pool of impact assessment experts, a diverse team representing URI's community selected Elite Research (ER) as our partner in this exciting endeavor.

For the next three years, Elite Research will be working with the URI community/network around the world to perform in-depth research on the effectiveness of URI’s peacebuilding approach and efforts. In short, URI will be able to find out:

  • Is URI doing what it says it is doing?
  • How effective is URI’s interfaith cooperation model at actually building peace?
  • Is URI successfully adapting to the changing contexts and needs of the URI network?

Over the next three years, URI and ER will collaborate in assessing URI´s impact with the participation and feedback of many URI constituents. More details will be coming soon.

The impact study will result in a report that will:

  • Help URI understand if it is achieving its goals; and
  • Help interfaith leaders around the world to better understand the impact of their work in their communities and globally.

The aim of this research is to enable the URI network, as well as other interfaith actors worldwide, to become more effective, relevant, impactful, and sustainable.

As the partnership’s effort progresses, URI looks forward to keeping you updated!