Story of Alleyne Eirik Lal

9 May 2022

His ambition is to become a Conservationist, and his hobbies are reading, public speaking, observing the nature and learn more about bio-diversity.

Alleyne Eirik Lal

Story of Master Alleyne Eirik Lal

Covid 19 is a period when children had lost their daily routines and they missed their school. When their engaged days shifted to an uncertain period of laziness, screen addiction, stress, etc, all parents expressed their anxiety about the future of these kids because covid-19 changed most of them a technologically updated but In this period of challenges a 9-year-old boy from Kerala created a positive impact in his life as well as the entire humanity. This is the story of Master Alleyne Eirik Lal, a 9-year-old boy, one of the youngest authors of the world , the youngest Librarian in India, youngest person who planted thousand Banyan trees in India, founder of an organisation named Heart4 Earth which is working for Environmental conservation, Peace Building and Child Rights, founder of the movement Greenathon which planted more than 6.5 lakhs plants across the globe.

He is the Recipient of Ujwala Balyam Award, the highest civilian award for a child by the Government of Kerala, Green Star Award by the World Malayalee council, Rajyapuraskar by Hindustan Scouts and Guides, Bala Prathibha Puraskar by Rotary International, Winner of APJ AbdulKalam Memmorial Award, Child with Exceptional skills award, Eco Warrior Award, Green Hero Award, Nature Excellency Award, Sundarlal Bahugune Paristhithi Samman etc.

Everyone asked a question. How this small kid is doing this much big things? When we ask this question to him, he will say about his inspiration, from the day of his first spark. When he was eight years old, Master Alleyne Eirik Lal and his parents, went to attend a conference by United Religions Initiative ( ) on Climate Action. It was organized by URI South India Srilanka Region under the leadership of Dr. Abraham Karickam, at Henry Martin's Institute, Hyderabad in 2019. Even though he came with his parents, some of the panel discussions touched his mind. When he realized the environmental issues and the need of climate action, he became so sad and in the closing remarks of the conference, he announced that he will start an organization to protect Mother Earth. It was a turning point in his life.

Returning from there he started to draw pictures showing the need for climate action. He had a habit of observing nature. He asked so many questions which we cannot answer properly. he asked an important question

“Do human beings endanger in the future like the extinct?”

This question disturbed him a lot. Finally, he concluded that the ironic attitude of the public in words and actions should be the main reason behind the most challenging crisis for human beings to be endangered. He explained the above finding with some examples that; even though our country banned plastic products; many people are using them... Banned smoking in public places, but no one is obeying it  As we know air pollution is very high, people are competing to buy one more car. Most of the restaurants are using printed white papers as table mats and time-pass puzzle sheets by forgetting paper is also made by trees. Daily thousands of such filled or non-filled papers are thrown into the dust bins. Always crying to Stop cutting trees and compete to purchase more wooden furniture for home and office. He said he doesn’t have a belief in this generation.

The next decision was really exciting; this boy founded an organization named the Heart4 Earth Foundation in search of inspiring youth and children; who believe in Universal values, as the Guardians of Future. He promised that his Global Warriors will show the way. Heart4Earth Foundation was inaugurated on 6th January 2020. Heart for Earth became a multi-region CC of his mother organisation, United Religions Initiative. He attended so many zonal and youth assemblies of URI regardless of his age.

His works as an Author

  1. Ecofiction: The lost world of MOMS‘  The lost World of Moms’ aims to educate on human atrocities against nature and the aftermath of overexploitation and greed of the wisest creation of God.
  2. Compiled Historical Book: Covid Diary Covid Dairy is an international book consisting of emotional stories and write-ups from children all over the world during the Covid19 outbreak. We know how much this pandemic affected children. Here children explain their experiences, and the world realise the depth of their emotions from their own words. He compiled the emotional experiences of children from 21 countries and it remains a historical book an evidence of the Covid Pandemic Era.

Master Alleyne Eirik Lal's Projects

1000 Banyan Tree pledge
Once he was walking nearby his home, he saw a cut-down banyan tree having more than 150 years old. He felt that cut-down tree like a human dead body. He was so sad about the ecosystem in that tree. Finally, he made a promise to that Banyan Tree; that he will plant thousand Banyan trees in the memory of this tree. It was not just a promise. Every day he started to collect saplings of Banyan trees. He made many plants with branches of the tree. Now he has his own plantation with 350 banyan saplings. He planted more than 1000 banyan trees. Again he started a target of the next 1000 Banyan trees. His volunteers are ready to maintain the planted Banyans.

Sustainable Sundays
During the covid-19 outbreak when schools are closed it was the time for him to spend with nature. He is a keen observer of nature. What he learned from nature he made as vlogs in the name of “Sustainable Sundays”. He made Sundays for Nature and Future; because he believes that if School opens, he can continue his journey through nature as it is a holiday.

Sunday library
Books have always been Alleyne's childhood companions, along with nature. He considered the Covid-19 era to be the best opportunity to delve into the world of books. He came up with the idea of a "Sunday Library" that works only on Sundays to pass on the good thoughts that books have given him and to take friends into the world of reading. When his parents allotted two rooms of their clinic for the library and reading room, Allu's dream of a Sunday library came true with his collection of 600 books. Thus, during this corona period, Mr. Reny Antony, a member of the State Child Rights Commission, inaugurated and started the Sunday Library. Many schools, NGOs, and individuals who knew about the library came forward to donate books to the library and to make room for the library in many places. Allu is now moving towards the goal of having a library in all the districts of Kerala, crossing the Kollam district where the Sunday Library was started.

When Allu joins grandparents to tell stories to children who love to listen to stories, and experts from different walks of life to pass on the values of life, the Sunday Library becomes a meeting place for generations. There are also facilities for children to read stories and poems. At the same time, the Sunday Library will be enriched with personality development classes, small discussions, and classes led by authors, poets, social and cultural leaders, teachers, actors, and experts in various fields. Membership is open to children between the ages of five and fifteen. To become a member, Allu, a nature lover, suggests planting a tree and protecting it. Each tree must be planted each month to renew the membership. The library is open on Sundays from 2 pm to 5 pm. The Sunday Library is currently located at Pranaah Holistic Healthcare in Lakshminada near the Kollam Collectorate.

Tree swapping
This is a project to develop a culture of conservation and sharing. When he meets his friends, he is giving a tree to his friends, and his friends give back trees to him. When they swap the trees, the tree will be taken care of with love and affection to the person who swapped.

Koodorukkaam (Making the nest)
This project was done with Block Panchayat Ithikkara and Grama Panchayath Chirakkara in a place named Polachira, which is famous for migratory birds. It is a rich wetland area. He is currently doing this project to plant fruit plants and shade plants around this place to maintain the natural ecosystem in that place.

Campaigns in which Master Alleyne Eirik Lal is involved

Peace crane campaign (75th Anniversary of Hiroshima Day) It was a global campaign to make thousand origami cranes in the memory of 75th anniversary of Hiroshima Nagasaki atomic bombing. Many people around the globe participated. He got 1024 peace cranes. Following to that he organized an international webinar on nuclear disarmament.

Peace Letter campaign 10,000 Peace letters to UN (International Day for Elimination of Nuclear weapons) This campaign aimed to send 10,000 peace letters to UN on the topic of my concerns in living with a nuclear world, people from 25 countries participated and got 10878 peace letters.

Your voice counts 1-minute video campaign (International Peace Day Campaign) It is a campaign to make one minute video on the topic “My Dreams of a peaceful planet”. He got 2428 videos. Children and youth Expressed their dreams of a peaceful Planet with great hope..

Greenathon (2020 Nov14-30 ) World Children’s Day It is an initiative by Alleyne to plant 10,000 plants across the globe in connection with International Children's Day, 20th November 2020. “Any Plant - Anywhere” was the caption and it was a call to action to plant as much as one can. Even though he expected 10,000; he got more than 5.25 Lakhs plants through his call to action. He got tremendous support from schools ( Kinder Garten to Higher Secondary), National Service Scheme(NSS), National Cadet Corps (NCC), Colleges, Student Police Cadets (SPC), Scouts & Guides, Red Cross, different Govt. Departments (Police, General Education, Revenue, Forest, Women & Child etc.), different NGOs, Self Help Groups, Anganwadis, Residential Associations, Arts & Sports Clubs, Public Libraries, Eco Clubs, Farmers, International Organizations. People from 42 countries participated in this green revolution with wholehearted support for his mission to restore planet earth.


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