A New Look!

31 May 2022

Imagine a one stop center with about 158,220 people viewing, engaging, and getting inspired by the work and impact of URI around the world on one single interactive and informative platform!

One of the ways URI highlights, promotes and amplifies voice, action and impact around the world is through the URI website. It is a primary source of Information, stories of change, resource toolkits, history; a platform that connects people and Cooperation Circles across the world and a key tool for communication.

With this in mind, a team visualized creating an interactive, up to date functionality, easy to explore and visually appealing website that attracts the world to share and be a part of what URI is doing. On 1 June 2022, URI officially launched a revamped website!

What is new?

The revamped website has added plugins like the social media plugin that enables users and visitors to easily share stories on social media. The new website gives visibility and mileage to Cooperation Circles publications by highlighting the name of the CC at the top of any publication. It has an up-to-date calendar that not only enables users to join virtual events but also promotes events organized by Cooperation Circles. You can now find specific pages easily by hovering over the menu!

So, what next?

Learn more about URI’s mission, vision, values and people!

About page

Let us interest you with URI’s Global Action ranging from URI membership, Global campaigns, Action areas and regions of operation.

global action page

Explore the latest news, stories, reports, photos and videos from the URI network. Visit the extensive training and resource center for information supporting peacebuilding work.

Explore page

Learn how you can get involved and make a difference in the world as a Cooperation Circle, Individual Member, or a partner.

Get involved page