Individual Members Celebrate 22 years of URI

28 June 2022

Enjoy the 22nd anniversary call video

URI Individual Members Call for the 22nd URI Anniversary was held on 27 June and it was a great opportunity for individual members to come together, meet each other, learn about the URI history, and share their URI stories, journey, dreams, and hope for the future of URI’s individual membership program.

On this call, individual members also had the chance to meet and get inspired by stories from URI Founder and President Emeritus The Rt. Rev. William E. Swing, Senior Consultant Sally Mahé, Acting Executive Director Biff Barnard, and Director of Member Support Maria Crespo.

Bishop Swing, in his presentation, mentioned “When the URI Charter was signed, we had two ideas on our minds: to have cooperation circles on one side and individual members on another. In the beginning, a lot of energy was invested in supporting cooperation circles all over the world, and it was always on our minds how to include different individuals sharing the same values.

Currently, we are at the beginning of this program and I’m so excited because one day there will be a hundred thousand people and even a million who will become individual members.”

After Bishop Swing, Sally Mahé mentioned “URI is a dream and vision, it was a vision of transformation and I kept telling myself we are not playing small we are going big here because the world is desperate for this kind of work.

IM call

And when you are about the transformation you cannot build a transformative organization and not transform yourself.”

Then, she shared a personal story of transformation and highlighted the importance of being seen. She said, “Being seen for who I am but also being gifted by other people who see something in me, a talent, capacity, and potential that I couldn’t see in myself encourage me to become an active member of URI.”

Others shared about their personal journey, dreams, and hopes as well as plans for future collaborations. The main message of this call was that we are all together and that given the right circumstances and the ability to try, ordinary people will consistently do extraordinary things.

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