Sustainable Peace and Environment

12 December 2022
Youth for pEACE

Youth for Peace CC from Bosnia and Herzegovina project proposal PECA (Peace and Ecology Awareness) has been selected as one of the eight projects from all over the World to receive the URI Youth Seed grant.

The first activity within the  PECA project was held in Banja Luka, on the 30th of November 2022. A workshop entitled "Sustainable peace and environment" gathered youth who wanted to learn more about the connections between peace and environment, as well as how they can (both individually and as part of the system) make an impact on the preservation of the environment.


This event has also been supported by the Center for Environment from Banja Luka, through the facilitation of the workshop. This organization has been implementing significant projects related to the protection of the environment and youth activism for several years now.

During the workshop, young people had a chance to participate in a quiz, reflecting on their knowledge and information on environmental protection, and their own role in this process.

Also, they actively discussed how peace activists are making efforts in preserving resources, which are considered to be possible reasons for future conflicts across the globe.