Human Rights for All

21 December 2022
Human rights

URI believes that all people deserve basic human rights and works together with Cooperation Circles and partners to ensure that no one is left behind.

In support of International Human Rights Day, URI organized a global community call on 15 December 2022 with over 40 participants in attendance.

This call featured three speakers, including, URI Executive Director Jerry White, Founder and President of United for Peace Against Conflicts International James Offuh, and AYEPO.

One of the key aspects that emerged during discussions was the need for the inclusion of all people, the impact of collective response to advocating for human rights, respecting the dignity and the rights of one another, and the importance of young people working together to advocate for human rights.

“When we ask for our rights, we need to make sure we are not violating the rights of others. A compassionate world and if we create scope to know each other better will help us no fear each other’s choices.” Raoman Smita

“There is a need to invest and put efforts in transforming young people, students inclusive into those that respect human dignity. A peaceful community that respects human dignity should start with children at lower ages because these will build a community in the near future.” Stanford Chidule.

Many times we are exposed to all the ills and abuse of human rights around us and pay less attention to the amazing work to address human rights abuse implemented by relentless people in our communities.

James Offuh, one of the key speakers focused the conversation on human rights for peace.

“Peace is a prerequisite for human security and development. We cannot enjoy peace without promoting human dignity. Peace and human rights have a symbiotic relationship.”

James was also passionate about how peacebuilders maintain and promote human dignity especially to counter the problem of dehumanization and humiliation.

“To achieve unity in diversity it is crucial for all peace advocates and partitioners across the globe to understand that there is a deep need for us to promote peace we cannot achieve peace when there is a lot of violation of human dignity.”

AYEPO representative shared the amazing work they are doing to empower young girls in Afghanistan.

“We have talked to people in the United States who are willing to support girls in Afghanistan through tutoring them in math. Many of the girls in this mentorship program have benefited and are receiving support from other countries. Many people have stepped in to support the needs of the girls in this country.

AYEPO representatives during one of their programs 

Jerry White, the URI Executive Director briefly shared his journey, experience, and contribution to human rights, justice, and peace. He highlighted his experience as a contributor to drafting a treaty to help ban landmines.

“I had an invitation to help ban that weapon (landmines) and create a treaty and draft it with my colleagues and I want to make clear that human rights work is never like alone you have your voice you have your research and your skills to contribute to a campaign or movement.” Jerry White.

Human rights
some of the participants during the call

Participants shared more deeply with one another during the breakout rooms created and these are some of their thoughts and discussions.

“We learned about the values of human rights in our group.” Gezahagne shared.

“My takeaways from this meeting are many but I will narrow them down to three great statements by Jerry, sensitivity to disability, talk responsibly and learn how to interrupt a disempowering dialogue.” Usman from Nigeria.

“We spoke of inclusion of people with disability, also of people with differences that may not be visible such as LGBTQ.” Alice Swett

The URI community were tasked to share what human right is pertinent to them. Some of the participants had this to say.

“Freedom of belief and religion.” Urmi

“The right to education.” Shakeel

“The right to life.” Usman

“Freedom of expression.” Samira

“The right to participate and transform the uncertain future.” Jeremy Routledge

“The right to dignity.” Sara Asif