Together for a Peaceful World

11 January 2023

ANT-Hiroshima Cooperation Circle in Japan had a year-round of activities in international cooperation, international peacebuilding, and peace education!

The work of ANT-Hiroshima is motivated by Hiroshima's experience and memory as an A-bombed city. ANT-Hiroshima believes that like ants, we may have little power alone, but by working together with other organizations and individuals from across the world, we believe peace in the world can be achieved.

With the message and spirit of Hiroshima in our hearts, we move forward in our efforts.

Here are some of the highlights of 2022 efforts by ANT-Hiroshima Cooperation Circle to prevent nuclear war!


The first Conference of the Parties to the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons( TPNW) was held in Vienna, Austria starting June 21st. ANT-Hiroshima joined the world to celebrate the 1st anniversary of the TPNW, making nuclear weapons illegal under international law.


In April 2022, hundreds of people gathered to pray for peace in the world.

“The power of the people of Hiroshima praying for peace and praying that guns will never be used again towards a world once again threatened by nuclear weapons has become the greatest anti-war and anti-nuclear message.” ANT-Hiroshima


ANT-Hiroshima believes in the inclusion and power of youth to end the nuclear war. Young people have been included in campaigns to raise awareness of the need to end the nuclear war. The CC also has a great volunteer and internship program that has positively impacted the work of ANT-Hiroshima CC. Former ANT intern Ms. Annalise currently working as a freelance journalist in Tokyo, translated into English the proposals from Japanese civil society regarding Articles 6 and 7 of the Nuclear Weapons Convention.


In August 2022, ANT-Hiroshima marked the 77th anniversary of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki with a live 30-minute broadcast. This relay was spread all over the world.


In September, the “Life in Hiroshima: Hibashuka and Me” project exhibition was organized to connect the thoughts of the victims. It was a space of thought, a space to interact, and a space to talk with one another. Photographs, videos, words, and items left behind by A-bomb survivors were shared during the exhibition.


Grow Peace Tree Project (Green Legacy Hiroshima)

Peace activities using A-bombed trees are spreading both domestically and internationally. Kevin, a Norwegian high school student who joined us as an ANT intern in July, has long had a strong interest in A-bombed trees.

“I have experience talking about A-bombed trees in my school class and online.”

In October, after returning from Japan, he gave a lecture  at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences and is working to make more people aware of the A-bombed tree.

Kevin during a lecture at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences

Hoping for peace to return to Ukraine

On February 24, 2022, the Russian invasion of Ukraine began. At ANT, we think and act together with our comrades, to immediately stop aggression toward the world.

ANT Participated in and cooperated with a candle appeal in protest against Russia's aggression in Ukraine.

Reaching out to Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the countries that experienced heavy floods in 2022, affecting roads, cutting off communities, increase in malaria cases, and increasing the burden on children’s well-being.

To reach out to children in Pakistan, ANT-Hiroshima collaborated with the international NGO HOPE’ 87 Pakistan to support public schools.

The 5th Session of the ANT radiation exposure

18 participants from all over the world took part in the 5th session of the ANT radiation exposure.

The purpose of this seminar was not to discuss how to pass on radiation exposure experiences, but to learn the facts, ways of thinking, and wisdom learned so far, and to cultivate the foundation for action toward a world without nuclear weapons.

The Hiroshima Voices

As part of the A-bomb survivor record project, ANT- Hiroshima is producing a series called Hiroshima Voices that enables survivors to tell their stories. According to ANT, these videos will be used in peace education.

Watch an inspiring recollection of events shared by Lee Jong, a survivor.

Several cooperation circles around the world are working tirelessly for peace, justice, and healing in their communities. ANT-Hiroshima Cooperation Circle reminds us that taking steps together not only helps us achieve greater impact but knits us closer to how humanity needs to be.

For more information, please visit the ANT-Hiroshima website and feel part of the great efforts of this CC passionate about a world free of nuclear weapons.

Photo and video credit: ANT-Hiroshima Cooperation Circle