Why have a Spiritual Playdate?

11 January 2023

“We believe that it's easier to build strong children than repair broken adults.” Fredrick Douglas.


Take a look at our world, we all see what's happening. it's impossible to miss. we are losing our human connectedness. We see social unrest and political upheaval environmental disasters, a hearting planet, and heartbreaking global conflict and destruction. These growing threats can cause a roller coaster of human emotions. It feels like we've all been through too much, leaving us restless, angry, and sad.

Now look at our kids, we see them becoming anxious and confused. They need our help now while they're young but how can we encourage them to develop resilience and hope? teach them to understand and manage their feelings and emotions? give them the tools to become critical thinkers and compassionate global citizens? Equip them with the social emotional and spiritual life skills that will serve their mental well-being now and for the rest of their lives.

Spiritual playdate Cooperation Circle has created an interfaith web-based program for parents, teachers, faith educators, and therapists to use with kids aged 5 to 11 which can also be used as a curriculum for youth organizations.

Spiritual play date has also shares life skills that cover a variety of important topics like fear and anxiety forgiveness, understanding bullying, living, and dying, and the all-important golden rule are all important for the well-being of children, youth, and our communities.

One of the great efforts by Spiritual Playdate is a creative and extensive collection of books, music, and games on different topics for children and youth.

Spiritual playdate
Spiritual Playdate has a vast collection of engaging books for children

You are invited to visit the Spiritual Playdate website and explore fun and engaging resources for your children!

Photo, Video credit: Spiritual Playdate Cooperation Circle