Advancing Women's Rights

28 March 2023
women greatlakes

Blog by URI Great Lakes Region

Peace, Justice, and Healing are achieved in various ways and designs that best suit the context of our communities.

In the URI Great Lakes Region, a community has for many years faced gender inequality stirred by the context, structure, and cultural norms.

However, with support from URI Great lakes region, these communities, with a focus on women, are receiving training and information on women’s property rights to contribute to gender equity and equality, address gender-based violence and deepen peace, justice, and healing. 


The aim is to ensure that in the long run women and men gain possibilities and information to allow them to see the selves as equal partners, the formal and informal leaders gain tools and support for promoting equal property rights and women realize new possibilities to develop their financial empowerment. 

URI Great Lakes region documented some of the achievements of the property rights project shared below.