Living Together in Peace

30 May 2023

Partnering in Europe to Promote Togetherness 



Bridge building networks in Europe are bringing young people together to tackle loneliness and promote diversity. URI Europe, Europe Network on Religion and Belief (ENORB) and Civil Society Consulting (CSC) are collaborating on a project, Thirty-Two Steps to Togetherness. 


Using a Manual, 32 Steps to Togetherness, developed by Civil Society Consulting, the program offers concrete steps to build better relationships, reduce discrimination, and strengthen community cohesion.

Maryana Hnyp, President of ENORB writes

Humans are creatures of togetherness…. not being connected to each other has a profound, negative impact on our health…

"Our health is molded not only by community and a feeling of being connected to others, but also by kindness. This happens through the kindness of friends and family, colleagues, employers and neighbours, but also by the kindness of strangers. As we rebuild our post-Covid-19 world, we need to remember this", she concludes.

A longtime and like-minded partner with URI Europe, ENORB gives attention to victims of racism and discrimination and connects local and national NGO’s throughout Europe.