National Day of Religious Freedom!

25 August 2023
Flyer talking about the event.

In the commemoration of the National Day of Religious Freedom, which takes place every July 4, the Government Secretariat highlights the high level of respect for the differences of belief among the followers of various religions in Bogotá, of which 8 of each ten expressed their agreement with the dialogue between them.

According to figures provided by a baseline established to identify the balance of the enjoyment of the fundamental freedoms of religion, worship and conscience in Bogotá, more than 93 percent of the inhabitants of the capital stated that they had a religious belief.

With this result, Bogotá advances in the promotion and guarantee of the right to religious freedom, worship and conscience, which is reflected in the achievement of goals such as the consolidation of coexistence scenarios and attention to situations of violation of this fundamental principle, established in article 19 of the Political Constitution, and regulated by Law 133 of 1994.