2023 International Day of Peace

21 September 2023

Happy International Day of Peace.


Happy International Day of Peace

I want to share some music history from the past Circles of Light with the remarkably gifted American jazz singer and songwriter Bobby McFerrin in conversation with URI Founder Bill Swing.

Music is the best metaphor for peace.

Peace is achieving harmony together.

Peace is balancing all our voices in rhythm with the Earth and all living beings.

In tribute to this day of peace, let us all pause to enjoy music or experience nature’s symphony, today and every day.

Thank you to all the Cooperation Circles leaders and members, Individual Members, Global Council Trustees, Staff, donors, and partners for all the ways you support peace, justice, and healing around the world.

Wishing you Peace – Shanti – Salam – Shalom – Paix – Paz……