Tri-People Cuisine for Peace and Solidarity

8 January 2024
salo salo Pakigdait

Amid these trying times, when it seems like our differences matter more than what binds us together as a people, the challenge to seek and comprehend the true meaning of peace becomes more crucial than ever. Amid the challenges, we are consistently dedicating our modest efforts and utilizing various platforms to promote peace.

In collaboration with the Iligan City Tourism Office and the IHARA, Pakigdait, Inc., will jointly conducted the “Tri-People Cuisine for Peace and Solidarity” on the 6th day of December 2023, on the 7th floor Plaza Alemania Hotel, Quezon Avenue.  This was a way of amplifying peace using food as a connector among tri-people in Iligan City. The activity will set up three kitchens showcasing signature dishes from M’ranaw Muslim, Christian Settlers, and the Higaunon tribe respectively. 


A “salo-salo” that fosters cultural exchange and understanding with guests and visitors to mark the culmination of the event.

Since time immemorial, food has always connected cultures and stories together. It is in dinner time when families gather together to converse and partake in food together--where an image of a united family is always portrayed as a family that eats together. So it is only fitting to celebrate the Mindanao Week of Peace with the discovery of an appreciation for each others' cultures not just through our eyes, but through our palates.  

Pakigdait Inc., supported by Mensen met een Missie recently held an activity that celebrates the diversity of the different cultures in Iligan city through food: the Tri-People Cuisine for Interfaith Solidarity.

The activity is a testament to what happens when different institutions and agencies band together to create beautiful stories of appreciation of cultures that are different from theirs, and Pakigdait Inc. would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to IHARRA, Iligan City Tourism Office,  the Iligan City Information Office, Plaza Alemania Hotel, Tribu Inisyatibo, Christian Horizon School, Nature's Spring, and Phoenix LPG for wholeheartedly supporting this endeavor for peace and unity amidst diversity. 

Two the chefs who rendered their time and talent in the pursuit of peace: Chef Rohaniah Guro-Magarang, the president of IHARRA, Chef Rey Angelo Dajan, founder of Kariyala Chefs, and Peace Culinarian Roy Dennis Dalayao of Tribu Inisyatibo, we would also like to extend our heartfelt gratitude.


The activity was attended by members of the security sector; by the PNP and the AFP, indigenous elders, media personnel, city officials, and even the younger members of the society truly a sight of a family dining together, united despite the differences. Furthermore, the participants of the activity was serenaded by Elmer Soong Salahay. 

This activity is also a tribute to the victims of the tragedy that struck Marawi, and a message of hope to eliminate all prejudice against our parallel cultures and religions, and to adopt a mind and a heart that is open and understanding. 

There really is no other way to peace, peace is the only way. We are Pakigdait, and this is the #Pakigdaitway