“Old Women Revolution” to Empower Women

22 March 2024

UNAKITA, a URI Cooperation Circle in Buenos Aires, Argentina, participated in the “Old Women Revolution”. Twenty women, all elders, gathered to address ways to create a dignified life.  Members of the UNAKITA contributed to the gathering by offering workshops about reducing emotional dependence and building self-esteem for older women. They also presented sex education information about how to prevent sexually transmitted diseases so that the older women would be informed and able to inform their children and grandchildren.

They shared ideas about recovering their desires, recognizing their dreams and ways to cope with loneliness by gathering with other women.  They spoke about how to reduce the impact of abuse and violence to create lives with more harmony, peace, and love.

UNAKITA was formed during a trip when the group experienced inequality and lack of humanity. They agreed that they wanted to do something to make a difference in the world.  They shared concerns about women who suffer emotional violence and dependence and they decided to organize educational talks and lead meditations on female empowerment and recovery of self-esteem.

A primary focus of UNAKITA is training adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to educate about ASD and enable people with ASD to learn how to better care for themselves.

Members of UNAKITA are atheists, Evangelists, Buddhists and Catholics. Recognizing their religious differences, they are learning to relate respectfully and enjoy the rich diversity of their group.