Cambodian Youth Undertake Responsibility for Good Governance

17 May 2024

Making a community better takes multiple skills and steadfast intention, especially when the change is difficult and takes longer than anticipated. The Coalition for Integrity and Social Responsibility (CISA), a URI CC in Cambodia, empower youth and those whose voices are not often heard to become courageous citizens.


On April 3, 2024, youth leaders with CISA participated in civic leadership meetings.

We, the members of Coalition for Integrity and Social Accountability (CISA) based on Phom Penh Cambodia, work with young people, disabled people, local citizens and relevant stakeholders for better transparency, integrity in governance, equality, and justice to enable citizens to live harmoniously. We commit to empowering youth and driving positive change among youth to create a brighter future for our communities.

Our mission is to work together with CISA’s members, citizens, and relevant stakeholders to prevent, and reduce corruption through capacity building, education, communication, and advocacy to bring effective governance in Cambodia.

We engage young adults in exercising the right to vote, election observation, learning their rights, advocating for climate change prevention by participating in municipal planning councils and undertaking civic responsibilities in their communities, Preah Sihanouk and Tbong Khmom provinces.