An Appreciative Inquiry - About Friendship

As we cope with fears, ignorance and hostilities, people are coming together to open doors of understanding and friendship with people from diverse backgrounds. One way to help create stronger ties among people is by engaging in simple conversations about friendship.

An Appreciative Interview is a simple process that creates opportunities for people to speak about what is meaningful in their lives. It is a mutual interview with another person, where both partners listen and speak with an open heart.

  • Appreciative Interviews can be offered to begin a meeting or as the focus activity to deepen perspectives on the chosen topic.
  • People can be placed in pairs or groups of three. Each person takes a turn being the interviewer and interviewee. As an interviewer, ask each question to the person you are interviewing. Give the gift of listening. Switch roles.
  • If your event includes a meal, questions can be placed on tables and guests can use these questions in dialogue around the table.


  1. How have you been touched by friendship? Please share a story of a surprising friendship ... a friend that you did not expect, perhaps a friend from a different background or religion, who made a difference in your life?
  2. How can you deepen friendships to build a better world? Please share a vision of how a friendship in your life has already or might in the future contribute to peace, justice and healing in our world.