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"What if the children can connect our disconnected world?" Let us show you how.
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We believe in connecting Children, Communities and Countries through Creativity, Curiosity, Compassion and Collaboration! We believe in leading through innovative ideas, projects and combining the ART education with new technology.
Christianity, Spirituality
Catholic, Interfaith, Lutheran
Number of Members
Lake Geneva, WI, United States of America
Joined URI Network

International Little Artists Foundation is a group of individuals primarily based in Wisconsin and Illinois who are committed to bridging cultural and religious differences among children through art. They have traveled around the world conducting workshops. Their workshops help children share art and messages with one another, explore their differences, learn from one another, and not feel alone. There is no explicit teaching about religion, but implicitly they recognize that their work helps to bridge differences, including religious differences, starting at a young age. Members also host ILA annual Children’s Festival, Community Events, participate in local and national events and meetings and promote a Culture of Global Understanding through the programs and projects via social media. They promote changes in the USA education system and collaborate with organizations around the world in order to spread the ILA mission and vision globally. They present and teach about the importance of the arts and care of the environment encouraging innovation, critical thinking, compassion, curiosity, communication and collaboration. They represent children’s voices and their personal messages to the world.

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