Aahar Deep

We are building an interfaith youth network that is focused on serving humanity for one common goal.
We are a group of selfless individuals whose aim is to make a change in society!

Aahar Deep is contributing in their community in many different ways: disaster management, providing packed food for hungry people, providing free education to labor- and slum-area children, helping them with study materials, and helping needy girls and women by providing sanitary pads. During the pandemic, members are distributing sanitizers, masks, and gloves, and teaching children how to wash hands. They are also concerned by global warming, and work on environmental protection supporting a pledge to plant trees for a green world. They dream of a world free from hunger, where youth are taken care of and where they can live in social unity. Aahar Deep volunteers are developing brotherhood and interfaith cooperation for humanity, community development, and social economic community. Their tagline says, “There is no religion of hunger."


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