Association of Disabled Females International

Focusing on women as a nonviolent approach to unnecessary war
"Our purpose is to promote interfaith cooperation and seek non-violent approaches to religious conflict."
Earth Based, Christianity, Islam, Baha'i, Cultural
Pagan, Episcopal, Boedios, Pentecostal
Number of Members
Western Africa
Monrovia, Liberia
Joined URI Network

This chapter focuses on helping females with disabilities. In addition, they hold awareness activities to teach religious tolerance, providing tools to create a peaceful environment through acceptance of one another regardless of religious beliefs. They encourage all grassroots religious-oriented women's movements in war-torn Liberia to take action. They want to engage in meaningful dialogue, mutual cooperation and create a nonviolent approach to unnecessary religious and man-made conflicts. They console the victims of civil war, visit the sick and elderly, comfort the widows and give hope to those who feel hopeless. They want to serve as a vehicle between the Zoes and the Boedios and be one of the major forerunners of social justice throughout Liberia. They want to create awareness of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, offer care to women living with the virus, and prevent female genital mutilation.

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