Association Ntwananu Mozambique CC

Diverse religious backgrounds joining forces as one
"Our purpose is threefold. We want to educate people in our community so that they may have opportunities that lead to a better life. Second, we empower women economically. Third, we encourage interreligious dialogue."
Action Areas
Baha'i, Islam, Christianity, Indigenous
Catholic, African, Protestant
Number of Members
Southern Africa
Maputo, Mozambique
Joined URI Network

This CC helps run a primary school in Costa Do Sol where several hundred poor children study. They managed to register the school so that text books and the teachers' salaries are paid by the government. There are no more than 10 active members of their CC, yet they are of diverse religious backgrounds and have been able to join forces and work as one. They study the principles of URI in small groups to become better acquainted with one another and adept at working alongside each other.

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