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At BBFORPEACE, we believe that no one is born with the right skills to manage conflicts, conflict management skills have to be learned.
Building Blocks for Peace Foundation is a youth led nongovernmental organization working towards the achievement of a society where there is peace, justice, human rights and meaningful inclusion and engagement of young people.

Building Blocks for Peace Foundation is built on the core values of pluralism and diversity. Its members believe that if the world is to achieve peace and sustainable development, there is need for interreligious harmony and understanding. One of the significant causes of religious violence and violent extremism in the world today is the perceived ignorance and poor understanding among the followers of existing religions which has led to both intra-faith and interfaith confrontations. What begins as lack of knowledge or misunderstanding degenerates into intolerance, hostility, bigotry; all of which could lead to conflicts and violence. In addition, the inequitable distribution of tangible and intangible resources aggravates the situation by further impoverishing the people. Many religious leaders exploit the problem by building distrust and by manipulating their followers to further their own ethno-centrist and religious sentiments to achieve wealth and political gains. BBFORPEACE believes in the multi-stakeholder model and also leverage on radio programming, community education and sensitization, social entrepreneurship, inter- faith dialogue, capacity building and training for preventing/countering violent extremism. Members leverage on religious education, sports, community sensitization and other activities to spread the message of peaceful coexistence.


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