Chetana Charitable and Educational Trust

Addressing health and other essential needs to strengthen communal harmony.
Engage people in social cohesive actions by creating opportunities for children and underprivileged communities to access education.
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East India
Bankura, West Bengal, India
Joined URI Network

India’s needs in the health and education sector are immense. India is also home to some of the world’s most amazing innovations and minds in these same fields. Given the diversity of needs and resources that exist in each area, the challenge lies in systematically documenting the problems, identifying solutions, and testing its efficacy with the target group and then taking it to more people who will benefit from it. This is what Chetana Charitable and Educational Trust does through its volunteer teams.

Each volunteer team takes responsibility for the development and direction of the project, document learning and engage with governments, universities, hospitals and other gatekeepers of health and education, so that our learning may translate into ideas in other areas. Some of the existing projects are:

Chetana´s accessible books and games encourage children with disabilities to learn to access information for themselves, broaden their horizons and give them a chance to develop a leisure activity. Chetana Charitable and Educational Trust also conducts workshops in schools, colleges and institutions to raise awareness about disability and develop knowledge and skills that will enable greater participation of people with disabilities in our society.


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