Club Unesco Alecso Bardo CC

Envisioning peace throughout the world
"Our purpose is to promote intercultural dialogue, peace building, and building bridges between religions."
Sufi, Sufi Shi'a, Sunni
Number of Members
Tunis, Tunisia
Joined URI Network

Club Unesco Alecso Bardo (CUAB) is a cultural and artistic association that works for the promotion of UNESCO's ideals in the field of culture, education and science, CUAB's mission is to foster a culture of peace through dialogue among civilizations and to promote young creation. As a Cooperation Circle (CC), they wish to establish a spirit of friendship, peace and co-operation among people regardless of religion, sex, color or language. Their main objectives: to train young people on cultural and social aspects; to create animation of the cultural activities in the city Bardo; to protect cultural and natural heritage; to protect the environment; to empower young people; to disseminate the spirit of non-formal education; and to promote cultural learning.

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