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Enabling the next generation to think beyond the walls of color, caste, creed, and culture.
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Creating awareness among ourselves, our kids, and society in general, of the menace caused by the religious wall created by us.
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South India
Trivandrum, India
Joined URI Network

COMRADE CC is a new media group formed by people from various segments of work, economic, religious, and socio-cultural settings coming together who share their ideas and work together for common social causes. Members are Hindus, Christians, and Muslims. They conduct and organize formal activities and intellectual gatherings, such as interviews on personalities, creating awareness for the public about the importance of religious harmony. They run awareness campaigns on various environmental and social Issues, putting into action the power of digital media. They celebrate National and International Days of Importance for public awareness. They run events to teach the values of all religions and promote harmony and programs on travelling through the roots of our ancestry called “In Pursuit of Roots”. They believe that in the current world setting, there is a huge inclination in individuals moving towards a religion based, caste-based grouping, which eventually destabilizes the social cultural settings of the area. This needs to be prevented and rectified. The in-depth knowledge and understanding of each other’s religions and faiths can certainly result in deeper understanding of humans and in creating harmony, peace and wellbeing.

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