Europe Youth Leadership CC

A steering group for a wider network of young leaders in Europe
"Our purpose is to establish a Europe-wide interfaith youth network to empower youth from diverse backgrounds to play an active, collaborative role in building a better society."
Spirituality, Atheist, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Earth Based
Spiritual Movement, Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, Vaishnavites, Pagan, Quaker
Number of Members
Helsinki, Finland
Joined URI Network

Members of the Europe Youth Leadership Cooperation Circle (CC) have been involved in URI activities for years. They come from different European countries to gather together because they want to form a CC that will provide support to all URI youth in Europe, as well as to improve youth leadership programs and youth ambassador work. Their work focuses on the promotion of intercultural cooperation and the creation of a better society. They support the growth of URI and the URI Young Leaders Program by serving as an alumni network for people who participated in URI’s youth programs, as well as an entry point for new people, functioning as a steering group for a wider network of young leaders in Europe. They cooperate with and support the URI Young Leaders Program and consult on the design and implementation of activities. They envision: working towards intergenerational cooperation and the generation of ideas and projects with like-minded CCs of the global URI network; raising awareness of URI throughout Europe; generating new interest from young people in interfaith cooperation; and developing a peer-led process to better equip young interfaith leaders with the skills, experience, resources and networks they require to grow an interfaith movement.

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