Faiths Together Uganda

Building an inclusive interfaith network in Uganda and the world
"Our purpose: to promote inter-spiritual values; harmonize the different minority faiths; advocate for respect, transparency, and fairness; and eliminate corrupt and compromised practices that create indifferences among the different faiths in the world. In addition to the above, we promote equal and significant opportunities for all, while encouraging worthwhile participation of different communities as key players in numerous activities and initiatives that have a bearing on their wellbeing as people of faith thus fostering sustainable development."
Number of Members
Great Lakes
Mukono, Uganda
Joined URI Network

Faiths Together Uganda Cooperation Circle (CC) is located in Seeta-Mukono, Uganda. They primarily engage youth from Muslim, Pentecostal, Anglican, SDA, African Spiritual, and Orthodox communities. Faiths Together Uganda is actively working to heal fragile communal relations in the face of recent ethnic and religious violence and the polarization that swept their country and region. They use songs and dances to bring members of different cultures and religions together, in hopes to pass on the message of religious tolerance. Their main programs include interfaith-intercultural clubs on school campuses and organizing an intercultural performance troupe. Faiths Together Uganda has helped many of their youth participants forge strong relationships across cultural and religious lines through collaborative action and dialogue.


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