Fellowship for Interreligious Dialogue

Religion explained by the viewpoints of different faith traditions
"Our mission is to help build bridges between communities to foster cooperation, consistency, responsible maintenance and care."
Baha'i, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Spirituality
Brahma Kumaris, Buddhist, Calvinist Reformed, Evangelical Lutheran, Roman Catholic, Unitarian
Number of Members
Budapest, Hungary
Joined URI Network

This group of 15 members is located in Budapest, Hungary. They provide education about the essential teachings of different faiths, as well as encourage diverse interfaith relationships based on acceptance and mutual respect. Their intention is to issue publications about interfaith dialogue. In June of 2012, they published a book about interfaith dialogue. Topics such as creation, God, the goals of life, and religious acts such as prayer are explained from the viewpoint of different faith traditions. Also included is a chapter on the ethics of interfaith dialogue. The Hungarian Parliament has provided funding that allowed the Fellowship to conduct training and dialogue groups about the challenges that arise when creating a culture based on an interfaith perspective. The members of this group have received support from the leadership of the Muslim, Baha’i, Christian and ISKCON communities, which is very significant.


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