Global Youth Ambassadors

Continued and sustained leadership avenues for current and developing young adult leaders of the URI network
"Our purpose: to provide further connection for and cooperation among Youth Ambassador program alumni; to develop resources and materials helpful for the URI YLP; and to maintain a close relationship of cooperation and sharing with the Global Youth Cooperation Circle (CC) and among the URI network."
Action Areas
Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism
Number of Members
Istanbul, Turkey
Joined URI Network

This Cooperation Circle (CC) is a continuation and extension of the Youth Ambassador Program of the URI YLP, which began in 2010. Members hope to continue as a space for Youth Ambassador alumni to grow in community and leadership development while providing resources for further URI Youth Ambassadors. They plan to help develop a new program that might be more adaptable to cultural differences and to create better sources for the URI such as a manual for the Youth Ambassador Program that would include techniques, programs, training, and strategies to develop a network with other CCs.

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URI Stories of Impact

Global Youth Ambassadors celebrates IDP

Sep 22, 2017. 

The commemoration of IDP 2017 was held simultaneously in the countries of three

youth ambassadors (Bosnia, Bulgaria and Morocco) was focused on children, unlike

what we initially planned to organise (a spiritual gathering and ritual meals) which

was considered more impactful.